Day 22 – I Am Afloat…

Day 22 – I Am Afloat…

Afloat can mean several things. It can mean you are swamped or overwhelmed. It can also mean you have set sail, you have left land behind.

If you look at yesterday’s post, you will see all the boats tied up to the pier. The slips were full of adventures waiting to happen, opportunities ready to grab. Today’s picture is what it looks like when opportunity has sailed.

If you are standing on the shore looking at an empty dock, it’s kind of sickening. Opportunity was there and all you had to do was jump on board. I know this because, it has happened to me, too many times. I played it safe, I stayed on dry land… I did not invest in myself. It was not fear of the water or the unknow. It was not having a vision and a clear plan of action. I did not know where I was or where I was going… I could not develop an intentional growth-plan and take advantage of the opportunities before me.

Since joining the John Maxwell Team, I built a new vision, and I know where I am at. I do not fear jumping on opportunities when they are ready to sail. It’s easy now, I can get on the boat and go…

But, there are those that say, “Marshall, you don’t know how to sail…” True, but I’m casting-off and I will learn as I go. You can’t learn to sail tied up to the dock.

Opportunity has sailed and…. I am afloat…

Marshall Townsend II

President and CEO

Marshall Townsend 2nd Leadership

Independent Executive Director with The John Maxwell Team


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