Day 8 – I am a leader that is not afraid to let others lead.

Day 8 – I am a leader that is not afraid to let others lead.
Here we are, deep on a 5-day trek into the Idaho wilderness. A journey to get to the base of Trinity Peak, so we could climb it. Nobody in the group has been there before. This is all new. I am the Scoutmaster of this group of Scouts. The parents would later ask when they saw this picture, ‘If I am the leader, why am I not out front leading?”
First, I have a 45 lb. pack on my back and it is a little tough keeping up with these teenagers… so… ah… umm… I am hanging back, so I can take these great picture… Yea – that it.
Second, that morning I sat down with the all the Scouts, and a map, and they chose the trail they were going to take and the location of where they were going to camp that night. I turned to the Senior Patrol Leader (age 15), handed him the map, and gave simple guidance. “Keep them together, don’t leave anyone behind. Now, ‘head-um-up’ and ‘move-um-out.’  I will see you at the next stop.” For the next 5 hour or so, the other adults and I worked hard to keep up.
Some might think that was dangerous or irresponsible as a leader.  But I disagree. You need to empower your leaders to lead.  John C. Maxwell says, “The best leaders are humble enough to realize their victories depend upon their people.”
You must be willing to take a “Learning Risk” and let your team develop through discovery learning. Give them a chance and your team will take you to new heights. I am a leader that is not afraid to let others lead.  

Marshall Townsend II

President and CEO

Marshall Townsend 2nd Leadership

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