Day 7 – I Am Not Alone in My Journey

Day 7 – I am not alone in my journey.

When you start a journey of discovery, lots of people will be against you. Well… they’re not really against you, they’re just not for you. You get this feeling that “I am in this alone… this is my fight… only I can find the path, only I can carry the weight.”

The truth is, there are a lot of people on this journey of discovery. Many are in the wilderness, looking for a trail, a gang to join, a guide to lead them. You will never find them by looking for them. They hide in plain sight. You need to open your ears and your heart to find your fellow travelers and together you will build the bonds that takes you to the top. I found a great ‘gang’ of travelers in the John Maxwell Team and at the Turning Point Seminars over the last few years. A great team does not walk-the-walk for you, they do not carry your bag for you, they do not tell you what to do. They simply build a bond that lets you know that “I am not alone in my journey.”

I love this picture… as I sat down to capture my thoughts, this picture recalled so many possibilities for “I Am’s” and lessons learned that I had to laugh. This was a Scout trip to Trinity Peak, Idaho (9500 ft.) back in 2010. Trinity Peak is the mountain in the pictures the last couple of days. I am going to stay with this picture for a few more days and think into it.