Day 21 – I Am Seeking New Adventures…

Day 21 – I am seeking new adventures.

So, in one day, I have gone from the top of mountains to sea-level… but that is not a negative comment. I am starting new adventures and with new adventures comes new opportunities.

This is a picture from the Boy Scouts Florida Sea Base in 2013. This was an exciting moment. We had just arrived with a crew of eight Venture Scouts for a week of living on a sailboat in the Florida Keys. We had no idea what to expect, what was about to happen, or even which boat we were going to be assigned to. But there they were… all the sailboats lined up waiting for us; waiting for us to start the new adventure.

We all have been there… walking into a room full of people for a new mastermind class, a lunch and learn, or even a speaking engagement. It may be a scary event and you may have to get your feet wet. But every new adventure brings new opportunities to learn and grow. My Dad gave me an old sailor’s quote over 40 years ago, “It’s not where the sea takes you, it’s what the sea makes you…”

I am seeking new adventures…   Http://

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