Day 16 – I Am Growing…

Day 16 – I am growing…
The process of growth changes you. Many people want to change their circumstances but are unwilling to change themselves. This is one of my fights. I, like so many others, want to go, but I am slow to grow. Growth is the only true way to improve yourself.
Sometimes the path is steep, or slippery, and you keep sliding back. But even sliding back is an opportunity to grow, if you take the time to learn the lessons.
You might have to get off the main trail and make your own. But, don’t let the fact that the tail is tough, and that you seem to be losing ground, slow you down. Growth is a journey and we all need to discover the best path to take to move forward.
If you feel like you are stuck, or falling, reach out to somebody and together, you can overcome the tricky parts of your climb. That reaching out, might be the best growth that you do on the climb.
I am growing…

Marshall Townsend II

President and CEO

Marshall Townsend 2nd Leadership

Independent Executive Director with The John Maxwell Team


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