About Marshall Townsend II MT2 Leadership

Marshall Townsend II is a Professional Leadership Coach, Mentor, Speaker, and Retired Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) whose passion for and dedication to empowering others have earned him the reputation as a service-centered leader within his community. Over the course of two decades, he has gained extensive coaching experience (as well as another two decades of leadership expertise in the army), helping hundreds of people thrive along the way.

Marshall’s affinity for helping people has been lifelong, but the spark for coaching entered his life during his military service. It wasn’t long before he discovered his innate talent for positively influencing leaders by inspiring them to think outside of the box and cultivate a deeper sense of comradery between them and their soldiers. Ultimately, this got him noticed amongst his peers, leading him to being selected by prominent senior leaders to teach organizations and fellow leaders alike. The most pivotal moment in his life arrived when he was asked by the Army to coach leaders in Idaho and was then asked to remain there as a civilian to coach them. Soon afterward, he made the decision to retire, and after 18 rewarding years of coaching, he also decided to expand his horizons (and his outreach) by launching his own company.

Today, Marshal proudly serves as the Founder of Marshall Townsend 2nd Leadership, where he imparts his valued clients with the life-altering tools they need to pave the way to personal and professional prosperity. In 2016, he joined the John Maxwell Team and in 2017 he moved up to become an Independent Executive Director with The John Maxwell Team.