New Beginnings –

Day 1 – I am beginning a new… Our challenge upon returning from Turning Point this year was to dig deep and assess who we are from the inside out. John Maxwell, says that, “you must know yourself to grow yourself.” Our challenge was to state an ‘I Am…” each day for 90-days. It was a wonderful journey of discovery. However, one of the things I noticed along the journey was that I was not being intentional about my ‘I Am’s.’ You can yell at me about that, but it was like reading the chapter on Persistence in Think and Grow Rich. There came a time about day eight, that I was reading the words, but not thinking into the learning. I stopped but, I did not start over. I began a new and completed the 14-day challenge with a refreshed and more intentional mind-set.

I hate the words ‘starting over’ – when you are climbing a mountain and you get sidetracked on a path that does not lead up the mountain, you don’t stop and go back to the bottom of the mountain. You may backtrack some, but don’t go all the way back. You learned a lot getting to this point on the mountain, do not surrender it. In most cases, you just change directions from where you are and keep climbing. Make a new path, start your own trail, make a new beginning from where you are. It’s your journey, no need to follow everyone else’s path – be a trail-blazer.

I love the John Maxwell’s, ‘Minute with Maxwell’, that I linked to below. There is always anticipation to changing directions, to becoming a trail-blazer, to exploring where you have not gone. That is what makes it exciting.  Here is John Maxwell’s – Minute with Maxwell – Beginnings

I dreaded starting my blog until I realized, I have a ton of great information and ideas that I communicated in Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumble over the last couple years. There is no reason I should start over. I can go back and review those post and consolidate them here in my new blog. Heck, most people did not see the post the first time, and I have learned that every post should go out at different times and on different social medial platforms. That is what I am going to do! I am not going back to the bottom of the mountain, I am starting from where I am and creating a new path – a new beginning!

On this journey of 90-days, I am doing the same. I am not starting over, I am not going back. I am beginning a new. If you are out there and have taken a break from your 90-day challenge, join me. The trailhead is right in front of us and you do not need permission to begin a new… Here is my ‘I am’ for today!

‘All’s well that ends well’ – I prefer – ‘All’s well that starts well!’ Thanks John.

Now off to the races!!! I am Beginning a new…